6 Tips to Impress the Parents

Meeting the parents is another step within your relationship that comes with a lot of pressure on your back. Making a good first impression is critical because it will most likely be affected by biases and prejudices which later become the most remembered impression.

Then what should you do to impress the parents? Here are some tips for you:
  • Research
It won’t hurt to do a little background research before you meet the parents. Try to observe the relationship between the parents and your partner too, by that you’ll get the slight background on what they like and how to bring yourself before them.
  • Dress to impress
Definitely not a Chanel from head to toe kind of thing, instead wear something that is appropriate, because how you dress yourself will be the first impression that you make.
  • Come with a small gift
Definitely not a must, but it’s a polite gesture to appreciate the invitation to the parents. You may ask your partner first to know what the parents like before getting the housewarming gift for them.
  • Keep your PDA off the table
It’s definitely not a good idea and pretty impolite, so don’t do it.
  • Don’t be too sensitive
During the small talks between you and the parents, they may say things that are unintentionally hurtful, and as a new person in the family you better suck it up and not be a cry baby about it. Though, if it’s getting out of control, you can tell totally your partner about it.
  • Offer to help afterwards
Don’t forget to say your gratitude at the end of your “meeting”, and offer them your help for the dishes or for some little things that can show your genuine feeling for them, they will totally appreciate your offer.
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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