7 Countries with the Best Mother’s Day Celebration

Indonesian Mother’s Day had just passed – some of us may celebrate with bouquets of flowers, letters, helping out with the chores, etc. Other countries have some exceptional ways to honor the Mother’s Day, such as these seven countries below:

  1. Taiwan
For Taiwanese, Mother’s Day coincides with the Buddha’s birthday, which is on the second week of May. As both of them are such honorable figures, the Taiwanese count it as a holy day. On this day, they would bathe the Buddha statue, hold some carnivals, cook some dishes and entertain their guests with abundant food.

  1. Sweden
Sweden celebrates Mother’s Day on the last Sunday in May. Honestly speaking, they do have similar ways to celebrate the Mother’s Day with us, however they put some extra efforts to make the moms happy – by selling some homemade plastic flowers. After the money is collected, they would use it to take their moms on a trip to some places, and that’s not all! Some children present breakfast on bed, eating out in some restaurants, or giving some fresh bouquet of flowers.

  1. Japan
The name for Mother’s Day in Japan is ‘Haha no Hi’ and it falls (also) on the second week of May. Children there usually draw some pictures of their mothers and display it. In addition, the children often cook the food their mothers once taught. Later, the dish will be presented to their dear mother. Also, they give red carnation flowers to their healthy mothers and white carnations to mothers who have passed away.

  1. India
India has two ways to celebrate Mother’s Day. First, a ‘westernized’ way, by contemplatiing about how meritorious the mother in their life. This event is celebrated every second Sunday in May. Second, the traditional one, by enjoying a celebration in October for 10 days. Mother’s Day was accompanied by the Durga Puja Festival. Together with friends and their families, the people there celebrated the victory of the goddess Durga who had defeated the evil.

  1. Ethiopia
For Ethiopians, celebrating Mother’s Day is part of the Antrosht Festival which falls at the end of the summer season. As soon as the first dry sun appears, they will eat with their big families. Girls will be told to bring vegetables, butter, and spices while the boys will bring a variety of meat to be cooked in the banquet.

  1. Yugoslavia
Among the many unique ways to celebrate Mother’s Day in the world, it seems that Yugoslavia is not a winner. Why? The problem is, every December, children in Yugoslavia usually sneak into their mother’s bedroom to tie her to their bed!  To be released, she has to give some presents to the children as soon as she wakes up. It’s very different isn’t it?
  1. Germany
‘Muttertag’ or Mother’s Day in German, is celebrated every second Sunday in May, just like in Japan. Mother’s Day in German is not only a day of the most important people in our lives, but also has historical value since the days of World War II. How come? Because the day is also a moment of respect for women who give birth to the offsprings of soldiers. Back in the days, they were given gold, silver, and bronze medals depending on how many children were born. Hmmm, it’s sad, too, that women were seen as  child-producing machines.

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