7 Habits that are Bad for Your Brain

Brain is the most important part of someone’s body, and with the way we do our life, we may have done things that are not so good for our brain. And these are seven habits that actually give bad impact to your brain:

  1. Not Sleeping Enough
According to studies, people with sleep deprivation have a smaller brain mass than those who sleep enough. Do you sleep enough?
  1. Too Much Alcohol Intake
Alcohol might have given us some temporary happiness, but even moderate alcohol drinker is linked to shrunken part of hippocampus—part that associated with cognition and learning.
  1. Too Much Junk Food
People who consumes junk food or highly processed foods in sugar, salt, and fat are affecting some parts of the brain that are linked to memorizing skill. According to study, high-sodium snacks have a high tendency on shrinking the size of hippocampus.
  1. Loneliness
A study revealed that those who have less social contacts may suffer the most severe cognitive deterioration.  You may need to start contacting your closed-ones more frequently to make your brain happy then.
  1. Cigarettes
Cigarettes can shrivel the size of your brain and causes heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and high blood pressure. A long-term smokers have thinner cerebral cortexes—an area of the brain that controls memory, language, and perception. A big no for your brain, period.
  1. Lack of Natural Light
Sunlight is very important to your brain, as it increases the releases of serotonin—the hormone that associated with mood and happiness. Do you want to be happy? Be under the sun now.
  1. Stress
High level of stress can eventually reduce the volume of the brain which responsible for poor skill of thinking and memorizing tasks. Stress can cause your brain to perform out of sorts and impact your mental health as well.
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Source: Neuronation,  webmd


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