7 Lovely Lily Collins Facts

Having a legendary musician father is probably the best trait Lily Jane Collins ever has. This 28-year-old actress has experienced the ups and downs throughout her life. And all her life experience are poured in every chapter of her newest book, “Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me.” Lily bravely talked about her previous abusive boyfriend, her eating disorder dark past, to the absence of her father during her childhood. The book itself is described as her published diary because the honest feeling that she wrote, words per words. Thought that you know her enough? Here’s some facts that you probably not know about her.

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  1. Way back in college, Lily studied Broadcast Journalism and had her articles published in Teen Vogue and The Los Angeles Times.
  2. Blood is indeed thicker than water! Lily is the second best singer in the family, too – thanks to her father.
  3. She used to hate her bold eyebrows! Now that she’s fully aware about it, she embraces the quirkiness and is very proud of it.

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lily collins style bomagz34. Lily had the famous babysit ever! Elton John was once her babysitter as a favor to her dad.

5. Remember the infamous song You’ll Be in My Heart written by Phil Collins? That song is dedicated to Lily.

6. Although she moved to the United States with her mother right after the divorce, she doesn’t lose her English side – she loves to read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

lily collins style bomagz47. Don’t be jealous of her because she ‘only’ dated hot guys like Taylor Lautner, Chris Evans, and Jamie Campbell-Bower.

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