The 7 Wackiest Ways People Celebrate NYE

New Year, be it the mainstream New Year, Chinese New Year, etc, always bring mixed feelings to its people. Alongside with the farewell given, some will opt to spend the time with close friend, prepped a small rooftop party and waiting the fireworks to fired up onto the midnight sky. But, what if not everyone agrees to do so? Here’s our list of most indifferent celebrations across the globe:

  1. Finished One Grape Every One Hour in Spain.
    Spanish people own this superstition that grape equals to good fortune on New Year’s Eve. Right after 00:00, if you managed to fully-consumed one grape for every hour (assuming that you’re still sober by then), the prosperity and fortune will come to you for every month.


  1. Stroll Around Your Home with Luggage in Columbia
    Bring your travel gear out, but it never gonna leave anywhere. Colombian people take a walk around their home in the New Year’s Eve carrying luggage. Perhaps luggage means more than just a tool for journey, but also a resolution for much more vacation in the New Year later.


  1. Jump from Chair, Drop a Plate and Watch Dinner for One in Denmark.
    Oddly charming, Danish people have their own quirks when it comes to NYE. They jump from chair, smash some plates in front of their house mates and binge-watch old comedy sketch Dinner for One on TV.


  1. Dance in Bear Costume While Fake Your Death in Rome.
    When in Rome, do as the Romans do – in this case, it involves dancing (Yogi Bear-styled) and play-dead. The dancing ritual, known as Ursul, it is believed to be a sacral way to ward off evil spirits. Furthermore, in the parade, people who dressed up in bear costumes will roll over and pretend to die, only to be resurrected later – a sign for upcoming spring in good New Year.


  1. Bring a Handful of Coal as Party Gift in Scotland
    Hosting a New Year’s Eve party in Scotland for newbies could turn up to a horror story. In the country, instead of bringing F&B, first person to pass the door has to bring a handful of coal to the host. Following then is salt, shortbread, black hair bun, and whiskey. It’s believed to bring abundant good luck to the owner itself in the next year.


  1. A Tiny Tin for a Peek of Future in Finland
    New Year means fortune-telling time in Finland. The prediction can be found out by tiny tin of horseshoe given by the locals. The method is quite simple, by melting the gift and then throwing it into the cold bucket. Patiently waiting, the result is then could be interpreted as an upcoming luck prediction.


  1. Threw Away Bad Luck (and Some Old Furniture) in South Africa
    Another common tradition around the world is to wash off one’s bad luck. But then again, what if it also includes throwing away your old smelly furniture? That’s what happened in Johannesburg, South Africa. One more thing – you have to discard the item through the window. For a very obvious reason, the tradition is now prohibited and patrols are resigned to make sure it never happened again.

Writer: Hadi Sutanto

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