7 of the World’s Most Unusual Cinemas

If you’re a movieholic going on a holiday, don’t you dare missing these unusual cinematic experience!


1. Hot Tube Cinema

source: manchestereveningnews.co.uk

The concept of Hot Tube Cinema, in which people watch movies while taking relaxing hot water dip, is available in the US, Sweden and several others European countries. Enjoy the outdoor like never before, and prepare to get wrinkled as regular movies can last until 2 hours!

 2. Sol Cinema

source: thesolcinema.org

Sol here refers to ‘solar’ – and guess what? It’s not just the world’s tiniest cinema, but also the one that uses solar panel. It’s environmentally-friendly and ready to entertain you with its zeitgeist collection of short movies from many genres.

3. Ciné de Chef

source: pinterest.com

For a more luxurious experience, leave it to South Korea’s Ciné de Chef – here you will get spoiled by the ultra-fancy interior. Your cinematic experience here is combined by best gourmet food. Only 30 seats available in the studio, and each guest can order their own Asian menu, prepared by Le Cordon Bleu-graduate chefs. They’re also open in Nepal, FYI.

4. Parisian Theatre

source: boredpanda.com

One may not move on ever from Life of Pi. If it’s so, here’s your dwelling place. The cinema only shows Life of Pi, while audience sit on tiny boats. Whoa, how cool is that!

5. Raj Mandir Cinema

source: www.beautiful-jaipur.com/place/raj-mandir

For a sensational Indian cinema experience, visit Raj Mandir Cinema. The Jaipur-based cinema is basked in all-pink Art Deco exterior, and at the beginning of each film, Indian National Anthem will be played. Seats are priced differently, so people from all budget can watch the movie. Prepare to be surprised by sudden clappings in the middle of a film as Indians are quite expressive when watching movie.

6. On The Rocks

source: collegian.com/2017/04/red-rocks-film-on-the-rocks-to-show-iconic-
movies-this-summer/ by Sarah Herlich

The Colorado ciname, On The Rocks, is really lives up to its name. Sit at these exotic American rocks while watching movies, and the breeze and panorama will sweep you away!

7. Museum Lichtspiele

source: blog.muenchen.de/kino-klassiker-museum-lichtspiele

It’s a museum and yet cinema at the same time. Go back to the Middle Ages, feel a little bit creepy but mesmerised. German’s oldest museum is ready to entertain you with its collection of both old and new films. The building was built on 1910!

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