9 Fine Facts from Chris Pine

From playing as Nicholas Devereaux in The Princess Diaries: Royal Engagement to the recent Wonder Woman movie, Christopher Whitelaw Pine’s movie career has been one of the most notable growths in Hollywood. His role as James Tiberius Kirk in Star Trek also added another plus point as he became more well-known. But honestly, beside his acting achievement, do you know Chris Pine that well? Time to dig in then.

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1. Born in a family of actors! Parents were celebrated actor and actress back in the days.
2. He has a shoe fetish. He likes to watch a good pair of heels on a woman.
3. He got his bachelor degree in English literature from University of California, Berkeley and continued his studies at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco.

chris pine bomagz2 chris pine bomagz34. Chris actually auditioned for the role of Jake Sulley in Avatar, but lost it to Sam Worthington.
5. He is listed as the youngest actor ever to play the lead in a Star Trek series – he was only 28 years old when he got accepted.
6. It’s widely known that Rachel McAdams has many fans and Chris Pine is one of them.
7. Senior actor Gary Oldman is his inspiration when it comes to acting.

chris pine bomagz48. When he got the role as Captain Kirk, he wrote a letter to the previous Captain Kirk, William Shatner. And when he got a reply from Mr. Shatner himself, Chris admit that he just wanted to frame it and put it on his wall.
9. Chris once worked in a restaurant prior to being an actor in Princess Diaries.

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