A #BetterLaLaLa for 2020, Back with Surprising Lineup

After the the LaLaLa Festival 2020 enactment date was announced last Wednesday, the public’s enthusiasm was even greater for this year’s LaLaLa Festival which will be held on 18 and19 April 2020 at Orchid Forest Cikole.

Held at the Hotel Santika Premiere Slipi Jakarta, the inaugural press conference for the festival to be held next year was attended by Carmel Puma as the Founder of the LaLaLa Festival and the company that oversee the festival namely The Group, Barry Akbar as the Managing Director of Orchid Forest Cikole, and Donny Heru as CEO of The Imaginary Boys.
In association with the hashtag #BetterLaLaLa, which was announced on the official Instagram account @lalala.fest, The Group and The Imaginary Boys has said that indeed, the LaLaLa Festival 2020 will be carried out with far more planning and far more mature arrangements than before. Starting with a limited ticket for visitors, as well as the division of events into two days for the first time, there are also many facilities to ease visitors both in terms of access, features contained in the venue, information, and much more.

Departing from these changes, we indicate that both parties really want for this year’s LaLaLa Festival to move better than before, and can further contribute as one of the music festivals in the Indonesian music industry, coupled with its unique concept, an international music festival that held in the middle of the forest. Concerning the Forest Festival concept carried by LaLaLa Festival, Carmel Puma as the Founder said, “We want to ensure that in fact, regardless of the line-up of the performers, the festival experience in the forest is also the main purpose for visitors to come to the LaLaLa Festival. Just a friendly reminder, LaLaLa Festival is not like other festivals in general. There will definitely be hiking going on, there will be lots of roads since the concept of LaLaLa Festival is a Forest Festival, but the experience that you will have will all pay off.”

Stepping on their third year, LaLaLa Festival has succeeded in bringing big names in the music industry such as Kodaline, Oh Wonder, Tom Odell, Blackbear, Honne, Crush etc. LaLaLa Festival confirms their place as one of the international music festivals in the country with unforgettable moments.
Writer: Dela Naufalia Fitriani
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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