A Closer Look at Rigio’s Latest Collection: HUSTLER!

Showcasing their first collection in PIMFW 2018, Rigio came out with a big bang for Indonesian streetwear movement.


Inspired by the hardworking metropolitan men and women from various backgrounds and occupations who understand the need to move fast but also have high interest in style, the collection is aptly named Hustler.


Join forces with denim line Lee Cooper, Rigio presented their first  denim collection for both men and women. Displaying various fabric treatments for each clothing, Hustler looks like bold, statement-making pieces. We can see treatments such as bold prints, deconstructed garments, denim acid wash, raw hem, contrast structure lines, top stitches, also striped denim – all are merged exquisitely into one collection.

The color itself ranges from many shades of denim blue and complimented with some neutral color like white, bold yellow, lime and tartans. Composition of boxy oversized silhouette for items such as jackets and outerwear with big flap pockets and contrasting zipper create a more unique than your just day-to-day outfit. Styled with high socks and Adidas shoes, it sure does give you a sporty edge.

Cargo pockets for pants surely a can’t miss detail,  also can be spotted welt pocket and tailored collar that’s usually ued in more formal dressed materials on their denim jackets. Overall, the collection itself can be considered as bold, very street and fresh to Indonesian market. Not to mention, their unique body and face painting of the models elevate the looks to a more unique and one-of-a-kind.


Writer : Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor : Olivia Elena Hakim
Photographer : Ganang Arfiadi
Videographer : Iqbal Safie

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