A Guide to be Better at Small Talk for the Introverts

Introverts have a tendency to dry out the conversations and are usually not good at carrying a small talk—especially with strangers. Though many find it annoying and a waste of time, small talk is a necessary skill in today’s society, as it is one of the ways to expand networking and building a good relationship with anyone.

Building a small talk doesn’t have to be necessarily tiring, so if you’re an introvert and you dread to have an awkward moment when you’re trying out a small talk, here are some tips than you can have to polish your natural small talk skill:
  1. Talk like You do to a Friend
Though this takes more practice, it’s a good way to commence a small talk. Have a little confidence to yourself and approach them as you approach a friend. Start with a little compliment and bring along some positive topics that you both have together.
  1. Channel Your Curiosity
Asking about the weather is actually a good start, but you can’t stop at that and let the conversation hanging to an awkward silence. Pay attention to your partner’s response and show your interest in your answer, because it can lead to more positive interactions afterward.
  1. Go Deep
Asking ‘how’s your day’ or ‘the weather is nice today’ are fine, but you keep repeating the same classic template you won’t be bothered with an answer at all. What you need to do is going deep to the topics starting with “what if” or “what do you think,” then all you got to do is carrying the topic further.
Building a small talk does not have to be so difficult, but you have to pay attention to your partner’s reaction because they may have given you some clues to stop the conversation or not. With that being said, as an introvert you need to push yourself hard to give it a try, be professional about it, and do not ever cross the line.
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Source: Forbes


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