A ‘Makeup’ for Your Teeth is here for REAL!

Tooth polish? What do you mean?

Make up. A significant part of beauty routine some people swear by. Over these past few years, makeup trend has surprised us in so many ways; some are amazing, some are kinda confusing. You might think teeth are an uncharted territory for makeup… until now.

CHRŌM is a legit New York -based cosmetic company that comes up with makeup for your beloved teeth. They’ve launched a product called temporary tooth polish. Just like its name, it colors your teeth in any color you want, so you can match your teeth with the outfit color of your choice. They believe in the fashion world, everything has already been tried and with this product, it will push the boundaries for beauty’s ever-evolving limits.

The polish comes in various colors plus some textures which can spice up your looks. Smudge-proof, tasteless and impervious to food or drinks, each polish can last up to 24 hours and can be easily applied within seconds. Don’t like the color? No worries, just brush it off with toothpaste whenever you want.

It might seem bizarre right now, but this trend has taken a new wave worldwide through editorial fashion, rave festival culture, makeup art and cosmetic dentistry.

What about you? Willing to give it a try?
Writer: Ervina Michelle Lim
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Pictures courtesy of Dazed Digital and Latestly


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