A People’s Project: Monica Esther of People’s Project

One may study dentistry, but one obviously can not lie their deep passion for fashion. Such case is Monica Esther. She began her studies in dentistry, but her longing for fashion and styling had her turned the table to ESMOD Jakarta. Growing up with a love to mix and match, Monica is now the fashion people behind the People’s Project.

Been 3 years since it was launched in 2016, mind to share the ideas behind People’s Project?
The ideas for People’s Project came accidentally, it was all manifested from our event, Localfest, where we worked with many local and creative brands to open a pop up store together for 3-6 months. Our purpose from the event was to see the buyers’ interests in buying the products in person, after doing it for some time, we realized that the response from consumers are pretty high about it. Our store’s location is pretty great, it’s in the center of Jakarta and it’s very close to reach our target market. Our goal is to attract the awareness of the Jakartans towards local brands.”
Having both offline as well as online platforms, which do you think apply better for Jakartans?
“There are two platforms for two different markets, Localbrand.co.id for the online market and People’s Project is for the offline one. Surprisingly, despite the rise of the interest in online shopping, our offline store seems to have more strength in selling compares to our online store. We figured that the character of our consumers is that they have the tendency to take a look and try the clothes in person, therefore we’ve got more visitors at our offline store.”
What do you think about the tendency in today’s fashion scene?
“We currently have so many fashionpreneurs in Jakarta with such authenticity, but then there’s also so many imitators who tend to copy other designer’s ideas. These copycats tend to produce in a heap amount of items using someone else’s design, sometimes it makes me feel uneasy about this tendency.”
In terms of the growth of fashion industy in Indonesia, do you see them flourishing or not? If so, what halts them in your opinion?

“There are so many reasons for it, for instance, the lack of platform to spread news about their products. They poured their money to create their products but they couldn’t attract many customers. There’s also the consistency, so many cases where entrepreneurs decided to walk away from the business after not being able to reach their target market.”

So you’ve seen various kind of growth in local products, yes?
“The qualities of local brands are getting better each day. I believe that every local brands have their own distinct features, and I see that the growth of our local brands is really good in terms of creativity.”
What are the two most important factors in building a fashion brand?

“You need to keep it original, make a very good use of your own capital asset and widens your networking. For me, networking is really important to build the brand’s image and doing possible future collaborations. And the most important of them all is still, consistency.”


Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Galuh Tathya
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin
Location: People’s Project at Kuningan City

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