A Place to Make Your Instagram Looks Instagrammable: USS Arcade

For you who loves to put your Instagram feed visually satisfying, then you should go to this place—USS Arcade.

USS Networks, a multi-platform creative company primarily engaged with digital platform is working with Moja Museum—a multisensory exhibit who is ready to let its visitors to explore something that is out of this world—to create one photogenic exhibition for all the instagram-feeds-lover.

Taking the 80s&90s theme, USS Arcade is guiding you to reminisce the golden time. The instagrammable exhibition is combining the arts of culture and creativity into 15 incredible installations.

If you’re interested to take some cool pics there, you only need IDR 110k to visit during weekdays and IDR 130k during weekend at Senayan City level 2. Visit USS Arcade before you’re running out of time cause it only lasts from March 22nd to April 28th 2019.
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim



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