Adriano Qalbi on The Rise of Podcast

Podcasts have been making a lot of noises lately and literally as people can freely make their own podcast account and talk various topics that interest them. It’s about getting your voice heard, it’s about sharing different points of view, it’s about the shifting trend that each voice matters and is worth listening to. Aside from being a standup comedian, Adriano also prides himself as a podcaster. His podcast is called Podcast Awal Minggu, where he talks heap of different subjects with various guests like Raditya Dika, Adimas Immanuel, Sonia Eryka, and many others.

What draws you to be a podcaster? What started Podcast Awal Minggu?
“I used to have my own TV program for two years, so I had to think of my own way to make a new platform to channel my hobby. So, it’s more about situational rather than choices. I mean, the hardest thing in this digital era is the popularity that follows, or the misconception tendency that everything is instant—we all know that everything takes time. So I thought to myself: the simplest medium that’s easy to produce whilst simultaneously maintaining the consistency, is through podcast. It’s a way to also practice my jokes.”
From Twitter, to standup comedy and now podcast.
“I’ve been doing stand-up bit since 2011, and I got to the point where I thought, ‘If I were to die today, then people would only remember me through my stand up bits.’ And I want to be more than that, I had to think a way to expand.”
What is it about stand-up comedy that you really like? And having 11k followers on your Soundcloud, how does stand-up comedy help your podcast to thrive?

“The correlation is more from stand-up comedy to podcast, because I think comedy is like horror—it’s something that you can’t consume repeatedly unlike music. You have to constantly create, so podcast became my medium to deliver my jokes to the world. I just love doing comedy. I think comedy is one of the few things where there’s no filter between the presenter and the receiver without it being controlled by anyone else. This is one of the rarest live performance acts, that raw content.”

That can both be good and bad in its own at the same time—that there’s no filter between the presenter and the receiving end.
“Podcast trains me to be confident and also to be more spontaneous and believe in my own instinct on how to deliver the jokes, plus I can laugh at my own jokes.”
What inspires you to come up with different content for each podcast episode? How long does it take to finish the script for an episode?

“When I started my podcast, I used to type out everything that I wanted to say. And then after I reviewed them, I found out that the tone turned out weird because it sounded exactly like I was reading—which I was. But when it comes to stand-up bit, the best punch happens spontaneously during an improv. Usually, I wrote down a couple of bullet points and improvised from there. Nowadays, I wing it, I don’t plan what I want to broadcast, it just comes out with the flow.”

You also have your 9-5 job, do you usually do podcast after work or in between the break?
“Podcasting is something that’s easy to do. You can easily record it while you’re driving and any other activities where you can open your phone to broadcast, really. So it doesn’t take a while. It’s really different from a formal office work.”
*Adriano Qalbi still has a lot to offer in creating good podcast content, like Live Podcast and explore the idea of podcast in front of audience directly.

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Dela Naufalia
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