After Invested on Source Music, Big Hit Entertainment Targets Another Idol Agency to Obtain

The number 1 top idol agency in South Korea, Big Hit Entertainment, confirmed that they have officially acquired Source Music.

Big Hit Entertainment’s founder Bang Shi Hyuk, said the acquisition was carried out because the two companies share the same philosophy about artist development and management.”We have recently signed the contract to obtain equity in Source Music, which will be part of our agency, Big Hit. We plan to have Source Music current executives with the agency, to maintain the unique color and label independence,” said Bang Shi Hyuk that was quoted by Soompi.
Meanwhile, founder of Source Music, So Sung Jin, said he was happy to have become a part of Big Hit Entertainment. According to So Sung Jin, joining Source Music with Big Hit provides an opportunity for all Source Music artists, trainees and employees to advance in the future. Source Music’s most famous girl group, GFriend, was founded by So Sung Jin in November 2009. The agency previously collaborated with Big Hit Entertainment for the debut of the girl group Glam, which debuted in 2012 before finally disbanding three years later.
Koreaboo also reported that not only Source Music, Big Hit is also reported to be acquiring other famous idol agencies. Unmitigated, the chosen agency is an agency that has been active longer than the Big Hit itself. Speculation has arisen that the agency is RBW Entertainment or JYP Entertainment. Interesting.
Source: Sindonews

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