Airplane Trip: Then vs Now – the 6 Facts that will Blow Your Mind!

Back to the days when our granpops can still do back-flips, going on an flight was something fancy. Let’s check out the airplane trip rut in the golden age of 1950s!

1. It was Pricey 
For a domestic flight nowadays, you can get cheap tickets or special promotions – even with Rp 300.000, you can fly! But back in the days, ticket price for a flight was 4-5 fold higher (inflation included!). Flying Jakarta to Surabaya can eat up your whole monthly paycheck.
2. Accident is Common
The ticket was pricey, yet accidents happened a lot. Flight in the 50s has 5 times risks than today due to the simple technology. From mid-air crashes, dropped engines, even turbulence can make plane fell.  Even bumpy flight can make you trip over. Plane’s interior ceiling was so low back then, completed with bad seatbealt quality. Regular turbulence can bring concussions to your heads!
3. People Used to Write Postcards Mid-air
Before the age of in-flight entertaintment, the sky was your only choice of time-killing activity. In-flight TV was born on 1960, while in-flight music was introduced in the 1985. So, to pass the time, stewardess would distribute postcards with images of the airplane and let the passengers wrote messages in it for their families.
4. Alcohol Drinks and Smoking are Allowed
Free flow cigars and alcholic beverages were a common part of passenger service. It’s common to see people drunk and did stupid things  during flight.
5. VIP Treatments All the Time
You could fly even if you’d just arrived 30 minutes before departure. Even the economy class has seats with comfortable leg rooms. And they had more stewardess compared to today’s standard, so fast response service was guaranteed. They wore uniforms from world-class designer and lobster was a regular menu on board. Plus, the interior of the plane resembled exclusive lounge.
6. Bring all Your Stuff!
The overhead bin wasn’t as packed as today’s standard, so you can bring lots of stuff to the cabin without caousing any drama with the staff on board.
Source: Mister Aladin

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