Alexandra Asmasoebrata’s Beat of Racing

Breaking the prejudice that racing is for men only, Alexandra Asmasoebrata is the first woman to be a professional Indonesian racer. Born in a sports lover family, Andra tried many sports, from badminton, golf, horsing, and racing since she was a kid. She originally wanted to be a horse-riding athlete, but racing caught her heart at the end. Nowadays, her activities revolve around karting and presenting for CNN Indonesia. She’s also currently prepping for her exclusive brand. Her recent collab? Of course, walking for The F Thing’s Legiteamate for the 2018 Jakarta Fashion Week on October 21st, 2017.

Looking back to when you first started, how do you find your career journey thus far?

“Since I started racing in 2001, I went through so many ups and downs in this sports industry. Although I tried other sports when I was a kid, I ended up having my heart in racing. During these 16 years, I don’t think racing is a part of my life; it is my life—my whole life is racing. The sports built my character and personality. And racing isn’t just about winning or losing, it’s way deeper than that.”

But have you always wanted to become a racer? At what point of your life did you decide that racing is a path you want to explore?

“I started to develop an interest in racing since I was a kid. That was also the time where I learned how to follow the rules. The racing world formed me to be a disciplined person because there are rules that I have to follow—rules that couldn’t be broken that easily. Time is everything, especially in racing. Being an athlete also taught me to be healthy, but I need to stay in shape to support my athlete life. There are many lessons that I learn from the racing world.”

A lot of good things come out of our passion, wouldn’t you agree? Have you reaped the many advantages so far?

“A lot of them. The first time I tried racing, my father kind of forced me to do it. I was 12 and I couldn’t even drive. I used to come to my dad’s race car but I never had the intention to follow his path. And when he told me to do it, I was like, ‘Why me? I mean, why not my older brothers? But I gave it a shot and put my heart into it, to my surprise, I loved it and there are many cherished moments came out of it. I got to see our President and Vice President from time to time. They were really supportive of me, especially when I was the representative of the country for racing. I think that was one of the benefits—that I could meet big and influental names, and it led to other opportunities. For example, I represent as a brand ambassador for brands outside the racing scope. I truly appreciate people who see other people not just from their look, but also from their achievement.”

Do you ever wonder about the ‘what if’ questions, for example: what would you have done if you weren’t a racer?

“If you ask me about what I wanted to be when I was a kid, I didn’t think much about it back then. If my dad didn’t introduce me to this path, I can’t imagine what I am now. I can’t see myself without racing. Mmm, but if you ask me now, I’d probably become a doctor. I wanna save lifes and being a doctor is a pretty cool job.”

You mentioned that you are a news anchor, too. How did you end up being one?

“It’s been two years already since I became CNN Indonesia’s news anchor. But I actually have done some presenting since 5 years ago, I was a sportscaster in other television channel. I love the fact that I can simultaneously learn about other sports while I was hosting. Though I have to admit I struggled during my early yeas as a presenter because no matter what mood I was in, I had to maintain my professionalism eventhough I’m sad, or feel disappointed, or any bad mood. That’s the biggest challenge.”

If you could do any race all over again, which race would you choose?

“Wow, I definitely don’t wanna do it again. I might lose in some racing competitions, but I don’t think I want to do it all over again because I don’t wanna change the outcome. Everything happens for a reason. It made me stronger and I prefer participating in a new racing competition to being stuck in past racing events.”

The most daring thing you’ve done apart from racing?

“I have this mindset all along that I don’t want to be an entrepeneur. I used to think that it wasn’t my thing; I don’t think I can do this. But I tried it as a challenge and stepped up on it. Turns out, I enjoy the challenge. I don’t know though whether I would ace it or not, but you will never know without trying. Winning or losing, that’s another matter.”

Think about another person in the same situation as you were in when you started: given what you know now, what avdvice would you give to them?

“Everyone can be successful, you’ll never know until you try. Though I did the racing halfheartedly, I found the joy in racing. And you have to actually believe what people see in you, especially from your parents because they can see something in you that you can’t see. So, don’t be afraid to try new things and trust what people believe in you.”

Location: Sentul Kart Racing
Editor&Conceptor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Photographer: Mario Raymond Bully
MUA: Fadilah Putri
Stylist: Hilarius Matthew
Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia
Wardrobe: Kuro, Hils The Label, and Monday Blues, available at The F Thing

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