All About Egg Boy, the Internet’s New Teen Hero

Yes — we’re talking Egg Boy, the Australian teenager who went wildly viral after he smashed a raw egg into the back of right-wing politician’s balding head over the weekend.

Who actually is Egg Boy?
Egg Boy’s real name is Will Connolly, and he’s a 17-year-old boy from Hampton, Melbourne. He also, this past Saturday, was in possession of one egg.
Why are we talking about him?
On Saturday, Connolly — and his single egg — stopped by the Conservative National Party meeting in Melbourne to see right-wing senator Fraser Anning, the politician who was heavily criticized for his appalling statement following last Friday’s shooting at the Christchurch mosques in New Zealand that left 50 people dead and 50 injured. Shortly after news of the horrific attack first broke, Anning explicitly blamed Muslims for it, writing, “The real cause of bloodshed on New Zealand streets today is the immigration program which allowed Muslim fanatics to migrate to New Zealand in the first place.”
Many found Anning’s sentiments deplorable, given the statement’s blatant Islamophobia, and the fact that the shooter was in fact a proud white nationalist — Connolly included. So he partook in the direct action against the senator that he best saw fit: smashing a raw egg on the senator’s head as he spoke to reporters. Per video footage of the incident, Anning immediately turned around and punched the teen in the face after the egg make contact with his head, and then hit Connolly once more before being separated from him. Immediately afterward, a group of unidentified white men — presumably Anning supporters — violently pinned the teen down.
But apparently, even as he was being held in an aggressive chokehold, Connolly reportedly managed to utter an unrivaled cops/pigs joke as police approached him: “Here comes the bacon for the egg.”

What became of Egg Boy after the egging?
Per a press release from the Victoria Police, cops arrested Egg Boy, but he was released without charges as they further investigate the incident “in its entirety.” Soon after the internet christened him Egg Boy, Connolly spoke out about the egging on Twitter, calling it the moment where he “felt so proud to exist as a human being.” (For unclear reasons, Egg Boy has been suspended from the social media platform, which has infuriated his new supporters.)
“Let me inform you all guys, Muslims are not terrorists and terrorism has no religion. All those who consider Muslims a terrorist community have empty heads like Anning,” he tweeted. “#EggBoy #eggAnning.” He also jokingly warned his followers against egging politicians in a video to Twitter, saying, “You get tackled by 30 bogans at the same time — I learnt the hard way.”
So he’s pretty beloved?
Conservatives and civility proponents have (predictably) condemned Egg Boy’s direct action, but teens and leftists have praised him for his bravery and rallied around him. There’s already a mural of him in Hosier Lane. He has fan accounts and T-shirts with his face on them. Comedian John Oliver defended his actions. And he’s received more than $51,000 in donations on GoFundMe, the majority of which he says he plans to give to the victims of the Christchurch attack.
So, yes: People like him.
Source: The Cut
Photos courtesy of Broadsheet

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