All the Most Essential Things about Air Signs’ Source of Stress

Hello, are you a part of the Air Signs and you just feel so blue recently? This week, we are going to talk about the solutions!



Causes: The twins. They feel absolutely stressed out doing nothing. They would feel like their life is going nowhere in particular. Repetitious job or a dead-end relationship will make them numb. So their biggest enemies are actually their own thoughts and mind.


Relievers: Join fun classes such as martial arts, dance, running, or physical workouts; it keeps you both  busy and healthy. A body can only be good as much as you train it. Channel those energy towards hobbies that sometimes can be economically productive.

Causes: Your need for balance and nice things is so strong, and when they are not in place, it gives you anxiety. You feel like anything jarring and boorish is nonsense. Libras are very in touch with their emotions but sometimes your inattention to your obligation will bring the world crashing down around you.

Relievers: We know that you are a social creature and love to socialize around, but sometime it is nice to press pause and focus on yourself. Take time to do something soothing, such as museum visit, walk through a beautiful garden, or maybe shopping. To keep your health, try to stay hydrated with water and lemon juice.

Causes: Aquarians tend to feel stress by things they can’t control. Even little things such as rude people, ignorant attitudes will drive you nuts. You have to learn to distance yourself from those whom you feel are beneath you, without being judgmental or haughty towards them.  Those stress sometimes will give you paint within chest area, dizziness, and also panic attacks.

Relievers: Knitting, one of the most well-known soothing activity, might work for you. Yoga and meditation also help sometimes. Don’t hold onto discord too long. You don’t owe the world to solve every problem single-handedly. Don’t hold grudges against those whom you feel have wronged you, because this behavior will only make your stress even worse.
Writer: Ervina Michelle LIem
Editor: Olivia Elena


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