Always a Glass Half Full with Emyr Ranza

Turning men to gentlemen” is the tagline that Emyr put for his business, as he wanted to construct a new statement about men who wish to put more attention on their look. Men’s grooming business is a field that is rapidly growing among Indonesian men. Case in point, Muhammad Emyr Ranza, this young entrepreneur has predicted this trend way back then and decided to open Barberbox. A simple idea as it may sound, but it has become a necessity for every male urbanite. Alongside his friend Putra, the 27-year-old Emyr ventured the business and both put IDR 40million as a capital starter for the business.

As a service business, having a set of quality resources is the main key in delivering the best experience to the customers. That’s why he initiated a training center for the future empoyees of Barberbox. To date, Barberbox has many branches from Senopati, Hang Lekir, Kelapa Gading, Harmoni, Puri, Sunter, Bintaro, Bekasi, Palembang, Bali, and Padang.

Barberbox is everywhere in Jakarta. And you have started to venture the business at a very young age, so why grooming?
“It all began when I was in my third semester during my second year of college, I wasn’t a kid who excelled at school or anything and it got me thinking to open my own business. I chose grooming because at the time few people explored the business, so I thought to myself why not open a modern concept of barbershop just to break the traditional barbershop. That was when me and my friend installed Barberbox in Senopati in 2012.”
It’s been 7 years since the first Barberbox installed, what’s next for Barberbox?

“Our goals are to keep on updating our services for the better, to innovate and explore new ideas to be injected to Barberbox. The world is moving way too fast for us if we stay still, so we’d like to expand our business to the digital market by developing an application for the smartphone. We’d like to give various offers to our customers in terms of products, we’re also going to open two more branches, and launching some products.”

You mentioned about digital market, how much does it affect your current business?

“It’s undeniable that the digital era is actually very important to our current living, these days exchanging information can be done in one snap and we shouldn’t deny this reality of ours. Instead, take advantage of it. Humans are social creatures, so we need a platform and social media is a good outlet for it.”

Technically you’ve been an entrepreneur for almost a decade now, is there any other things that you’d like to achieve?
“I’ve always dreamed to retire at the age of 35, and by that time I have to be financially stable for me and my family. I’d like to give myself more time to achieve things that I couldn’t during my productive years. Later on, I would like to share the insights I have to people who are willing to learn about the business, I’d like to teach. At the moment, I still love learning and wish to travel the world, to learn new info about the place I’ve visited. I’m curious about a lot of things, one of them is being a monk. Also, I’d like to build a special school for children with autism. A lot of my curiosities are non-materialistic ones and I wish to achieve them, and having the current businesses is the bridge to visualize them.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Digital Imaging: Ari Angga
MUA: Nadia Renata
Location: Lei Lo Jakarta

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