Anne Hathaway Gives Birth to Her Second Child

The one beautiful actress who had disappeared from the realm of entertainment, recently was back in the limelight with the news of the birth of her second child.

Anne Hathaway is said to have given birth to her second child with her partner, Adam Shulman. Previously, Anne has announced the pregnancy of her second child through her Instagram in July 2019. Regarding the birth of her child, the news came when she didn’t attend the Dark Water movie launch in November.
Anne Hathaway was recently seen with her family in a park in Connecticut last Sunday. At that moment, Anne was seen guiding her first child and Adam was seen holding a baby carrier. Even though it is suspected that they brought their second child, information regarding the birth of the baby of Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman, the second, is still uncertain, because both parties have not delivered any statements. On November 15, Anne Hathaway had just celebrated her 37th birthday. On the day of her birth, Anne uploaded a photo of herself while showing her protruding belly on social media.
Source: V Radio

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