Another Level of “Bombing” the Street

Spreading in the laneways, walls, corners and secret spots in one particular kampung in Jakarta, the paintings and artworks, which made by over 50 artists from Indonesia and around the world, become the main attraction from Micro Galleries’ project in our capital city, Jakarta Bound.

Micro Galleries has a one of a kind purpose where they want arts to be enjoyed cohesively even in the smallest layer of society, that art is actually reachable and feasible. Micro Galleries held the event at Kampung Kecil, South Jakarta. The workshop was held from October 6-8 where they opened an art tour, live interactive painting, street scratching, urban gardening, to the tempeh making during the weekend workshop. Meanwhile, the artwork can be seen until October 21 in the open space area of the village.

Blurring the lines between street arts and fine arts, Micro Galleries got the help from the local community, Belajaran, to make it happen. Belajaran is a non-profit community dedicated to raise awareness of all humanity-related activities for local children. They helped the 29 artists in the country and 24 other global artists from across the globe to turn the ordinary lane into an extraordinary air-space gallery. The dynamic or both parties made the project even remarkable.

Micro Galleries was established in Australia. For the Jakarta Bound project, they were fully supported from Autralia-Indonesia Institute and Australian Embassy in Jakarta.

Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Photographer: Hifzhan Desman

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