Apple Watch Series 5 is Here

After coming out with iPhone 11 on Friday, Apple is also releasing another whiz from their company, and that is the Apple Watch Series 5. The newest series of the Apple Watch series will be replacing its older sister Apple Watch Series 4 and will be available at the store on September 20th.

As the fifth generation, Apple Watch Series 5 will focus on users’ fitness, biometrics, and health research. As for the battery life, Watch 5 is no different from Watch 4, as it will last for 18 hours, quoted from Cnet. The screen on this watch is also dimmer than the previous series, but the animation when you rotate the wrist still remains the same. Apple Watch Series 5 has an automatic feature when the user turns his wrist, the screen on the watch will brighten the color more than before.
In addition, Watch 5 still has other features such as a compass that can determine the directional direction quickly. Apple Watch Series 5 is designed with a new case made of ceramic and titanium which is better. With the launch of Apple Watch Series 5, Apple announced that it has permanently lowered the price of Apple Watch 3, which was launched in 2017 to USD199. Apple has revealed the price list for Apple Watch Series 5 depending on the model, starting from USD399 for GPS models only, and USD499 for GPS and cellular models.
Source: Okezone

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