Aqsa Aswar for Project F

The 21-year-old is known for his achievements in the jetski world, he successfully became the 1st Winner in Canadian Watercross Nationals in the Pro Runabout Limited and Expert Runabout Limited categories. Just like his older brother Aero, Aqsa is all about the open sea.

Working out everyday and exercising just about the same amount, his dedication lies in his main passion: jetski. However, he is more than a gold medalist, and he tells his stories with The F Thing on Project F.

As one of the muses for Project F, what do you think about this project?
I think it’s a really good project, especially for the youngsters. It opens way for local brands to shine and let youngsters know that looking good does not have to sacrifice your budget that much. That being stylish is not all about wearing expensive outfit.”
What is the F word that’s significant to your life?

“Fun. Because I believe in earning something with happiness and pushing yourself to the limit without feeling pressured or burdened, you need to make everything as fun as possible. If you do your thing without enjoying it, you’ll end up being demotivated and will get easily bored, needless to say that you won’t be able to break your limit and get the best out of yourself.”

What are your top three rules of fashion and grooming?
“I don’t like going over the top when I’m dressing up, I’m quite simple when it comes to my outfits. Secondly, I try my best not to wear one color from head to toe, it’s just not me. And lastly, neon colors—I’ve never seen myself look good with any of them on me.”
How important is body positive image to you?

“Positive body image is different to every person, because everyone has a different body type. For me, the key in having a positive body image is by being confident. Confidence is a strong key to maintain positive. We have to be confident in our own skin, even project a positivity outlook about ourselves to others.”

Being an athlete requires a set of disciplines. And though you can be very careful, injuries are bound to happen. So what was the worst injury you’ve ever had?

“I tore my ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) during one of the racing competitions. It was a tough year for me, took me a year to recover. I had to be extra careful about any movements I made, and the worst part was that I had to stop racing while the recovery lasted. I also had to maintain my strength and had to stay in shape, but all I can do was to get some rest—no gym, no sports. So that was a challenge. Post-recovery, I had to reset my legs to balance, this process also took quite a long time.”

How do you think you’re going to make your 5 year goal come true?

“My biggest goal is to be a better person than I am now: to be a better jetski athlete, to be more successful, to achieve more medals. To stay alive and still kicking. It’s all about being more discipline, working harder, and being more committed to what I’m currently doing right now—jetski racing. I believe that by managing my time well to practice, you’ll reap what you sow.”

Best advice that you’ve ever got in your life that you’d like to pass down?
“My father always says that you have to stay committed when you’re doing something, to stay focused on that one and be good at it. Give your full effort and hard work, anything is possible if you stay consistent and give your best shot.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Digital Imaging: Ari Angga
Stylist: Salsabila Sari
MUA: Nadia Renata
Wardrobe: W essentials, whitelust, resilen, muzca, theodor, rover, grey inc, bae, moodsociety, mentli, basic Q, Vercline, Artsee, kokkakuma, Groundwell, and sleepynerd, available on

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