Are These the 5 New Whatsapp Features for 2019?

Rumours have been swirling around the gizmo community that something new is going to be unleashed in Whatsapp platform. Here’s our prediction!


Dark Mode
The rumor about Whatsapp’s Dark Mode has been here for a while; at least Apple and Google have released softwares with dark themees and it’s just logical that Whatsapp is going to join the bandwagon.
Enhanced Security
We know that WhatsApp already owns end-to-end enscription method to keep your chats save from prying eyes – but it will be to no use if you phone is stolen. It is said that Whatsapp is going to enhance its security feature with finger-print or face recognition.
Voice Messages
Gizmo fans predicted that Whatsapp will reach a new boom if they manage to unleash a better voice message platform.
Group Video Call
Apple users are already enjoying Group FaceTime since last year – the feature accomodate up to 32 people in one group call! Unfortunately, Whatsapp only manages up to 3 people – definitely a homework for them to stay relevant in the competition.
Easier Video Access
WhatsApp already helpful in terms of Youtube video users via its picture-in-picture feature. But people are hoping that the platform will update the interface to be more user-friendly. so it will be easier to watch all the videos that has been sent to our account.
So, what do you think?
Source: Okezone

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