Are You a Gucci Gal? Guess What – You Can Now Enroll at Gucci School!

As fashion people, you have to look both fashionable and fashion conscious. You need to know where your clothes come from, how they are made, will they harm the environment, or are we accidentally supporting human slavery by wearing it?

Gucci is taking its transparent and ethical production process a step further and honoring the technical level of their staff. The Italian fashion house has founded the Gucci École de l’Amour, an education program aimed at bolstering the technical skills associated with the label’s artisanal craft and production.

The school’s courses are divided into three parts: Craftsmanship school, six months training program in product design and production processes of leather goods, and technical academy.

According to Gucci’s President and CEO Marco Bizzarri, “Training is the most powerful method and tool we have to enhance our people and our products. It is no coincidence that École de l’Amour was born from the Gucci ArtLab, which is the perfect expression of the corporate culture that we are building and developing: a place that promotes learning and the development of skills, a laboratory of ideas, an environment where we work with passion; indeed, I should really say, where we work with love.”
Nearly 60 students already  enrolled since the school was partially founded in 2017, taught by current and former Gucci employees who’ve dedicated most of their careers to the brand. Interested? The next enrollment of the craftsmanship course begins March 2019, secure your spot there.
Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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