Ariana Might Really Need to Take a Japanese Class

The Disney princess-turned-pop star Ariana Grande might have worsened her Japanese tattoo on her hand, which was created to celebrate her newest single called 7 Rings. It turned out pretty hilarious!

On January 25th, the solo singer updated her Instagram post (now deleted) a picture of her tattoo on her palm in Japanese kanji; the post got 433k likes before it got deleted mostly because the overwhelming amount of comments for her misspelled kanji. Her tattoo originally meant to say “7 Rings”, however many Japanese claimed that it is read as charcoal grill instead.

No tears left to cry, Ariana went to fix her tats soon after she deleted her tattoo’s picture. On January 31st, she came back to update the fans with her fixed tattoo by adding some more kanji onto it. Sadly to say she might have had mad it looks worse.
Her original tattoo was written as七輪 which originally translated as charcoal grill, as kanji can be read from in vertical columns going right to left, top to bottom, she added another kanji  指, meaning “finger.” Hoping to made the kanji reads arbitrary and made it reads as 7 rings, she didn’t erase the main word that made her looks like a BBQ hardcore fans as the word for BBQ is still there (七輪 ). So the whole entire tats are now read as “Small charcoal grill, finger <3”. Yes I do feel bad for her also, as she mentioned it on her instastory that she won’t last adding one more single. The ironic is that she has the entire line 7 Rings written in Japanese correctly in her music video but she chose to shorten the words out and made a new whole meaning to her ink. Hopefully she would get a proper language class before making another tattoo in foreign language.

Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Photo Courtesy: Ariana Grande’s Official Instagram

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