Artsy Vibes with The F Thing x Artotel

12 young and talented artists joined the art exhibition and spread their artistic paints in the hall of exhibitions – divided the venue into 2: the left and the right side. The illest artsy vibe was all over the place, while lies in the middle is The F Thing’s own Legiteamate art installation. Left and right of the main halls are “splashed” evenly with each of the artist’s distinctive touch: Muklay, Barto, Atreyu, Hana Madness, Bunga Fatia, Cherry Virginia, Arya Mularama, Mahendra Nazar, Tomodachi Studio, Dhado Wacky, Hari Prast and Studio Mili. In this viral era, we live for everything that is live; to watch closer, to comprehend deeper. A sense of connection of the art world, per se. And that was exactly shown during Day 1: each artist showed the live process of the artmaking. Hashtag keepingitreal, bruvs.

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Videographer: Iqbal Syafei

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