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Fashion isn’t all about clothes, and for a long time we’ve been aware that accessories can make or break an outfit. Ada cara untuk menyederhanakan “rules of accessorizing“, and reduce them to a simple guideline, yang pastinya akan membantu kamu berhasil mengombinasikan aksesorismu dengan baju yang kamu pakai. That’s why ‘Ask the Experts’ is here to help you with your dilemma of wearing accessories by asking the experts all about it.

Sebagaimana untuk Miss Indonesia 2020, Carla Yules, yang mengaku sangat senang dengan bermacam perhiasan. Ada hal yang harus di-highlight tentang perhiasan pilihannya. Carla mengatakan bahwa dirinya selalu memilih perhiasan yang mampu merepresentasikan penggunanya. Other than making you look more beautiful, according to her, accessories should be able to make your confidence level and character shine even more.

What’s your daily go-to accessories?
“Aksesoris yang biasa aku pakai pasti itu necklace dan earrings. If I know I’m gonna have outdoor activities, to wear sunglasses is also a must.”
Share some tips on how you usually mix and match your clothes with your shoes!
Mix and match pakaian dengan sepatu contohnya kalau pakai dress midi atau maxi, aku selalu cari heels yang pointy seperti stilettos. Gaya casual, seperti t-shirt dan boyfriend jeans, aku biasnya padukan dengan platform sneakers atau thick sole shoes.”
Jenis tas apa yang kamu suka pakai and how do you usually match the bag you carry with your clothes?
I usually love to carry a classic flap bag with silver chain strap, black color in particular. Warna hitam paling mudah untuk dipadukan dengan banyak outfit. Dan dengan flap bag, pakaian yang aku pakai akan selalu terlihat on-point, dari casual to fancy look.”
What do you think is the best fashion statement that stand up the most in accessories and why?

“’Accessories are like vitamins to fashion’”, accessories simply lift up the color, style, and class to an outfit and elevate certain looks. Accessories also have practical functions, such as sunglasses, hand-carry bags, watches, etc.”

If you tend to wear heavy accessories seperti kalung-kalung atau gelang, how do you balance to wear them usually?
I do wear heavy accessories, but only on special occasions. Maybe to the party, special events, for photoshoots, but for daily wear, I prefer simple and glittering jewelries (light wear). And whenever possible, I love to wear one set jewelries such as a necklace, earrings, rings, and a bracelet. Untuk balancing dengan outfit, kalau pakai outfit yang bermotif, accessories yang lebih simple, kalau pakai outfit yang plain aksesorisnya aku pilih yang lebih ramai atau bold.”
One accessory item that you must wear every day and how do you usually mix and match it with the clothes you’re currently wearing?
Earrings! Two types of earrings I’m obsessed with are hoop earrings and drop earrings. You can never go wrong with earrings, period.”

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