We Asked Joe Russo About the Avengers Meme and Other Things

That afternoon, we talked to Doctor Strange cast Benedict Cumberbatch, Nebula cast Karen Gillan, and the critically-acclaimed director Joe Russo in a Digital Press Con, live from Singapore. The four of them were about to spoil the Singaporean fans with their Fan Event held in Marina Bay Sands (16/04).

The three of them showed hospitality as they answered our questions. Karen told us that she is very excited to be a part of Marvel Cinematic Universe, where female characters are represented in so many ways—from being strong to complex. As usual, Benedict is being both articulate and humorous when being asked about his character’s bromance relationship with Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man.  As the “new kid in the block”, he told us that his closeness with the technology mogul improves both characters in the film.

We also talked to Joe Russo following MARVEL’s statement-turned-meme “Infinity Waris the most ambitious crossover event in history”. We asked him the most challenging thing about putting so many characters in a single movie. He said, “Every character here is also the favorite character of so many people out there, we can’t just give them just-enough screen time. We want them to stand out. Since the one who knew the character best is the actor, we discuss with them about what’s best for the character.”

If they could have their own team in MCU, Karen told us that she’d like to have Doctor Strange in hers. Meanwhile, Benedict expressed his Guardians of the Galaxy’s fanboy-self when mentioning Groot and Rocket Raccoon. He would also have Captain America—because who wouldn’t?

We closed the afternoon talk with a special gift from Indonesian artist Is Yuniarto. The Marvelhead presented dope character designs of Doctor Strange and Nebula in wayang kulit medium. He also beautifully turned the character poster into wayang to Joe, who looked beyond amazed to see it.

Source: Highendteen

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