Asmara Abigail’s Power of Positivity

Since she was from a young age, the upcoming actress always believes whatever the heart wants, and her parents always supported her.

They raised her to have a positive motto in life, “Whatever you do, whatever you love, go for it.” So long as it gives positive impacts, go for it. Asmara’s parents rarely limit her daughter in order to enrich her own experience in life, from choosing her own high school, major in university, including her career.

Her face currently almost dominates the movie industry since her movie role in Setan Jawa, since then Asmara has been pursuing her talents in both modeling and acting world —including the recent 2018’s Pengabdi Setan. Dating back to her initial years before the showbiz industry, the eldest of the Sumiskum family once spent her uni years in Italia. “Dad is the smart type, he advised me to pursue my dream, whereas my mom has always been the patient kind. So it’s balanced.”
What people don’t really know about her is that Asmara is also a dancer. Tango, flamenco, pole dance, and also on a non-related note: equestrian. It’s all about balance: working your heart out but also traveling once you’ve worked hard.
Now let’s talk about fashion. What is your signature look?
“My fashion signature is a mixture of something odd, something grand and something elegant. My role model for fashion is Cher and Zoë Kravitz.”
First thing that people notices about you? And personality wise, what surprised people about you once they got to know you?

“That they always found me very funny and entertaining. People wouldn’t have guessed that I’m the type who easily cries, I think only people who are close to me know this fact.”

Describe yourself in one word? And why that word?
“Passionate, because passion has always been the key to everything, it’s the fuel, it keeps the fire burning, it makes you feel alive, and it makes you feel that you are here in this life for that purpose. And I remember back then, my Contemporary Art professor Daniele Perra used to say ‘Passion always wins’.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Stylist: Rut Carolin
MUA: Marina Tasha
Photographer & Digital Imaging: Dani Huda
Wardrobe: Eesome, available at The F Thing
Location: Hutan KM 5

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