August Hair Ideas from Insta-celebs to Upgrade Your Style

It’s your crown, after all.  Boost up your look with a touch of these latest trends from our favorite beauty Instagrammers.


Model Rambut lusthairnz (Instagram)

Lust Haircare is full of wonderful bright-colored hair. Lust itself is a brand of semi-permanent hair dye. So if you’re considering unicorn-like crowns, Lust is your reference.


rambut livedinhair (Ig)

The account liveinhair is created by LA-based celebrity Anh Co Tran, also goes by the name ‘master of extensions’. Her signature looks is ‘daily looks’ with beautiful strands.


rambut headrushdesigns (ig)

Bob hair lovers, here’s your reference! The account is owned by stylist Julie Holbrook – her signature is bright red tone and short hair style.


Rambut hairbymisskellyo (Ig)

Stylist Kelly O’Leary-Woodford is the icon of rainbow hair; if you’re into dreamy, fairy tale hair, but with a touch of retro, here’s your guide.



Rambut hairbykimtran (ig)

Hair stylist Kim Tran is your reference for latest hair style – if you’re adventurous check out this account.

Source: Okezone

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