Ava Michelle, the Tall Gal on the Rise

Netflix’s movie, Tall Girl, is not just a movie for Ava Michelle Cota. This is actually a very personal project. This movie seems to be a ‘witness’ for what she has done and passed in her daily life.

Like the character in the movie, Jodi Michelle, is indeed a girl who is the tallest among most teenagers at her age. Shee is about 180 cm tall. Similar as Jodi, Michelle also experienced intimidation because of her height. Including when she was removed from a famous event Dance Moms. However, at this time, it was her height that made her chosen to portray the role in the movie.
During an exclusive interview with Refinery29, the girl who had just turned 17 on April 10 revealed that the movie Tall Girl was the closest thing she had to her experience in middle school. This makes it easier for her to absorb and deepen her character as Jodi.
In this movie, Michelle faces and embraces her height. She hopes that this movie will encourage others to embrace their differences too.
In the end, Michelle hopes that Tall Girl can open the door for taller girls in Hollywood. In the past, the Jodi’s height has caused challenges in auditions because of stereotypes especially for romantic stories.
Although she got her first role as a tall girl, but she was not worried about being typecast in her next role. Moreover, she has long fallen in love with the world of acting. Michelle claimed to have long wanted to act, since she was ten years old. She also took part in acting classes.
Quoted by The Netline, she was already looking forward to portray another role in the future. She wants to use her dancing skills well in front of the camera. She also hopes to get a role not only because of her height, but also because of her sole talent as an actress.
Source: Sindonews

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