How Much Did the Avengers Actors Get Paid? Find Out Here

Earning USD 1,2 million in the first week of its release leaves many fans wonder how much did the Avengers’ members get paid for their roles, how much do you think they actually get paid?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Robert Downey Jr aka Iron Man got the highest salary as much as USD 75 million or around Rp 1,07 trillion from the total film revenue which reached USD 2 billion ( Rp 28,57 trillion). The man behind the successor of the Starks Industries also received USD 5 million (Rp 71,43 billion) only from filming for 3 days for Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2017.
With the Avengers revenue: Endgame that reached that much amount of cash in the first week of its release, Robert Downey Jr. certainly collected more revenue than before, the same thing goes for the other actors as Scarlett Johansson acquired USD 20 million (Rp 285 billion) for starring as Black Widow. Meanwhile, Chris Hemsworth obtained USD 15 million (Rp 214,2 billion) to USD 20 million (Rp 285 billion) to star in the last two Avengers’ movies just like what the Captain America aka Chris Evans received.
As stated by The Hollywood Reporter, there is a special bonus for the actors if the movie surpass the number of USD 500 million, however the rules for the big gift is changed to USD 700 million as the popularity of the movies keep on sky-rocketing. The rumor has it that the exact bonus for the Avengers: End Game is about to be given to the actors as the Marvel Studio just recently withdraw some cash as the movie touched the revenue of USD 1.5 billion.
Source: Okezone


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