Back to the Age of Retro with Diskopantera

As the retro music is on the rise again, Diskopantera is getting busy hustling from stages to stages. Rahmat Dwi Putranto, or usually called as Anto – or Oom Disko, is a DJ who plays 80s and 90s songs on his gig. Its unique and fresh ideas are his strength point and it shows that people are actually enjoying the unusual concept in that era for EDM songs.

Anto basically brings back the golden era of music and he hollers it loud to the crowd. Young 80s and 90s passions that is in his blood engages him to flare up the love of retro music. Making his debut in 2012, Diskopantera stably gives his best performance through and through. Just like his motto: Lemesin jangan Dilawan!

How do you come up with your image on stage right now?

“It was all an unexpected. The first time I came up with the stage name, it was because of my friend asked me to be one of the line ups at his event. The theme of the event itself was 80s and 90s by chance. So that was how this Diskopantera project was born. We played songs from 80s and 90s eras with retro costumes during those eras. And it becomes my image brand up till now.”

In terms of music, do you rearrange the song or keep the way it is?

“Nah, I didn’t rearrange the song. I prefer to play the music as its original song. Because my original purpose is to be nostalgic, reminiscing the golden era. So the concept is pretty much like that. It’ll be better if they sing along through the songs.”

Do you have signature sound that you always put in your music?

“Ah, I think I don’t put it on. But the last time, GIGI’s basist,Thomas Ramdan, asked me to make a Diskopantera version for one song in his solo album.”

Now that your schedules are hectic, do you still remember your first gig ever? How do you feel from the very first gig to your recent one?

“Whoa, it’s a bit emotional to think about my first gig during this 6 years of performing. It’s like I can feel the struggle and the process throughout the year. I experienced the ‘calm’ crowd to the enthusiastic pile of people. I’m grateful with everything that I gain on these years. Especially when I perform in the big stage, I never stop being thankful when I see the crowd sing along and have fun during my stage. And in that moment, I treasure the people who appreciate my hard work.”

Do you have another interest beside DJ-ing or performing?

“Actually my current hobby is taking care of my motorcycle. When I don’t have any schedule, I take time to strolling around with my bike. Or taking care of my child (laugh). But seriously though, I already have a machine shop and currently doing a one stop place for motorbike, coffee shop, and diner joint with my friends. So it’s kind of place that you can do anything with your bike in one place.”

Tell us about your next project.

“Definitely my album. It’s my main project right now and I hope I can realize that sooner. For performing, I almost have it everyday. But in terms of collaboration, I don’t think I have one in the near future. Yet I guess for collaboration, an impromptu collaboration for events are more possible. Or I can ask for collaboration for my own event, Sini Kita Jojing (SKJ).”

Location: 3rd Avenue Bar Jakarta
Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Editor: Olivia Elena
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Fashion Stylist: Salsabila Aletha Sari & Ervina Michelle
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin
Videographer: Iqbal Safei

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