Bali Bound, Paradise Found: The Seminyak Resorts and Villas

Most probably the only island in Indonesia that’s never had a shortage of vacay spots. From the hangout spots the likes of bars, cafes, restaurants, to resorts and villas. Situated not too far from Kudeta is The Seminyak Resorts and Villas. A paradise found with lush greenery surrounding a direct access to the Seminyak beach, the resorts takes pride in providing a world class hospitality treatment. An escape from the outside world, if you may, with scenic ocean view.

The Seminyak offers tourists with a selection of 8 comprehensive types of rooms. Each type higlights only the best staying experience with elegant atmosphere, from Garden Wing Rooms, Beach Wing Rooms, Ocean Front Rooms, Ocean Suites, One Bedroom Garden Pool Villa, One Bedroom Ocean Pool Villa, Two Bedroom Garden Pool Villa, and the astounding Seminyak Penthouse. The overall interior of the hotel reflects Balinese soul with ocean breeze, one can help but to feel relax as one steps in to the resorts complex. Having a stroll amidst its vast garden is a touch of blue here and there in the Sanje restaurant.

Overlooking the ocean, listening to the waves crashing, while indulging the tastebuds with a wide array of delicious delicacies and drinks offered by Sanje, what could be more perfect than that?

A fresh and cold cocktail in one hand, eyes being amused by the nature’s and ocean’s view, far away from the hecticness of daily routine. Or perhaps you opt for an opulent and cozy setting to drive the evening away? Well, Klass&Brass is the go-to place. Quoting the web,

“A Hemingway-inspired Whisky & Wine Bar that taps into a 1920’s/30’s vibe, an era considered by many to have been the golden-age of travel and discovery, when foreign artists, writers, film makers, anthropologists and adventurers were drawn to Bali by the romantic lure of an exotic tropical paradise free of the stresses and neuroses of what was coming to be known as “modern civilisation”. Chill to nostalgic live jazz in Bali, relish a range of signature whisky-based cocktails, curated wines, rare spirits, serious food offerings, and ‘Thank God it’s After 8’ chocolate truffles pairing. With its ‘admire and be admired’ ambience and the effortless éclat of its sultry speakeasy decor, Klass& Brass is exactly the kind of lounge you could imagine Ernest Hemmingway supping Scotch after a night of high-rolling.”

The spa is also an exception. Picture this:

You get out of your urban life, you take a plane en route to Bali. What would the first thing be on your mind after a series of tiring weeks? Relaxing your muscle. Not just relaxing though, but also to improve your blood circulation and digestion.

Got that curiosity going, eh? Well, stay tuned at Letter F for the complete information of Kahyangan Spa!

Photos courtesy of The Seminyak Beach Resorts&Villas

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