Banda Neira’s Volcanic Beauty is Definitely Lit!

Looking for a place to escape from the hullabaloo of holiday season? Get off the track and explore to Banda Neira!


Located on the eastern tip of Indonesian archipelago, Maluku to be exact, it’s an island full of exotic history (have you seen the Banda movie?). But of course the place is than just plantation and spices – the volcanic islands gives surreal panorama and as you take a dip down under, be mesmerised by the coral kingdom like you’ve never seen before.

Divers testify for its colorful corals and wonderful marine species – there are 22 diving spots around Banda Neira, some of them are:  Tanjung Barat Pulau Pisang, Selamo Village (Pulau Banda Besar), Tanjung Burang (Pulau Banda Besar), Batu Kapal, Mandarin City (Jetty Reef) and Pasir Putih (Lighthouse Pulau Neira). If you’re not an experienced divers, worry not, as you can safely snorkel on the shallow water and still be astounded by the native dwellers of the island: ancient mussels, seaweed, mollusks, shrimps, crabs, octopuses, turtles, etc. April to November makes a perfect time to visit the place as the weather is at its best. Furthermore, you can freely roam around the VOC ruins while enjoys local delicacies.


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