Bandung Bound: Beehive Cafe&Eatery

Bandung bound with one of the most frequented venues: Beehive Cafe & Eatery. Located in Dago, one of the hippest streets in Bandung, Beehive Cafe & Eatery is established in June 2014 and has been a fave place by the habitants.

 beehive bandung bomagz2 beehive bandung bomagz5 beehive bandung bomagz6Emphasizing for more of a family concept resturant, Beehive Cafe is equipped with its boutique hotel. The eatery itself is known for the homey atmosphere. They offer western and Indonesian dishes for each segment: Breakfast Menu, Sandwiches, Appetizer, Salad, Soup, Pasta, Burger & Hotdog, Asian Delight, Little Bee Bites, also Meat, Poultry and Seafood Choice.

beehive bandung bomagz14 beehive bandung bomagz9 beehive bandung bomagz12 beehive bandung bomagz11 beehive bandung bomagz13 BOmagz managed to try their famous Monster Burger, cheesy Joe’s Fries, gravy Nasi Liwet Komplit and Tahu Cabe Garam, and juicy Wagyu Beurre Persille. After that, try one their signature drinks: Red Orange Bee Boba and Bang-Bang milkshakes.

beehive bandung bomagz8 beehive bandung bomagz10 beehive bandung bomagz7

Beehive Cafe & Eatery
Jl. Dayang Sumbi #1
Dago, Bandung
Phone: (+6222) 250 5801 / 1303
Opening hours: 08.00AM – 11.00PM

Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Photographer: Moody Wijaya

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