Be Friends with Nature in Your Modern Lifestyle

The extreme changes that is happening to our Mother Earth have woken up many more people each year. This year, people would put more appreciation and efforts to keep the world in balance, to create less waste, and reassuring our children that they still have a good planet to live in.

As the technology also keeps on upgrading, it seems a bit back-breaking to avoid the modern lifestyle to stay grounded to the nature. However, nowadays there are many ways to keep you being friendly to the Earth without having to live inside the cave. These are some ways that you can do to keep an eco-ambiance in your modern lifestyle!
  1. No Plastic, That’s Fantastic!
In this era, when plastic has become a huge issue for the livings, many companies have come out with campaigns that encourage their consumers to stop using plastic in daily life. You may already know how plastic can’t be eradicated in short amount of times, and how it has killed many sea creatures before, so what you can do about it? You can start by using reusable shopping bag, stainless steel cutlery, and start using tumblr when you go out for coffee instead of buying their takeaways. Every effort that you do to use less plastic means everything for the environment, believe me you don’t need plastic that much and you can totally survive without it.

  1. Pay Attention to the Products that You Use!
Do you know that many kind of packaging can also damage our earth? We sure do not wish to call you out for destroying our earth though, however many leftover wastes are actually bad for the planet. For instance your beauty products’ packaging, so be smart when you buy your make up girls as you can also participate on saving the globe as you do it! For instance, switching your sheet mask to clay or mud mask as they don’t leave a leftover sheet, start brewing your own tea without its bags, and use a soap bar instead of the liquid one as it has a friendlier packaging.

  1. Make a Use of Your Gadgets!
Hundreds of thousands trees are chopped for our necessities in a lot of areas, furniture, books, writing utensils, and many other things. Then what can you do to save the trees while still hanging onto your gadgets? You can simply put your notebooks away and start using your tab to taking notes or even sketching something. The connection from doing it to keep the earth’s heat in balance might not be obvious but your effort is still in count! Everything starts from one person to make a change right?

  1. Start Thrifting and Makes the Earth Happy!
By recycling, donating or selling your old clothes, you can help others to thrift instead of buying new clothes. You can save money, help others, and the most important thing of them all is you can save the earth by supporting secondhand clothes. Finding them new owners and avoiding them being end up in a landfill which will eventually become a waste you certainly help the eco-sustainable development for the planet.
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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