Your Beauty Secret: the True Cure for Blackheads

Blackheads – one of the our face’s worst enemy! Don’t you just get frustrated when they just decided to stay, even though you’ve tried those fancy, over-the-top cleansers? Let’s try the back to nature approach – it’s cheap and trusted!



1. Salt 

Raid the kitchen now and get those salt to save your asset! Take 2-3 tablespoons of salt and mix it with half cup of water. Wash your face with it, and use the remaining salt at the bottom of it as scrub. Tak hanya untuk menyedapkan masakan, garam dapur juga memiliki manfaat untuk membersihkan komedo.

2. Lime

The vitamin C in a lime is highly nutritious to arm your body to fight against blackheads – it’s clinically proven! Slice a lime in half, extract the juice, and use it as face mask . Let it dry for several minutes then wash it away and dry your face with a gentle towel.

3. Ice Cube

Ice cube can tighten the pores on your face and prevent the blackheads. Massage your face with it regularly.

Source: iNews

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