How to Beauty-sleep Yourself in an Airplane

Long-haul flight means fabulous destinations – but you don’t want to arrive all-saggy right?


Ask Princess Aurora and she’ll swear that a good sleep is her key of maintaining her glow. But let’s admit – airplane, even the Business Class, isn’t the most comfortable place for a long, high-quality sleep. Then, how can we achieve an Instagrammable face when landing?


  • Avoid Coffee
    Duh, of course. Sounds simple but lots of caffeine-holic out there just can’t resist the airport’s coffee shop. The rule is, no caffeine 6 hours before takeoff.
  • Meditate
    Relax your minds, no earphone with blaring music, no action-packed movie, just prepare yourself to sleep as if it’s your own bedroom. Breathe slowly.
  • Supplement
    It’s okay to take magnesium or melatonin supplement. Magnesium will relax your muscles, melatonin prepare your body for a good sleep.
  • Equipment
    Neck pillow, eye-cover and blanket. Don’t forget to don in your most comfortable wear to make your body relaxed.
  • Sleep Scent
    The perfect aroma can bring your to a nice sleep, right away (and we’re definitely not talking about chloroform!). We swear by lavender aroma to bring you to a high-quality sleep. Bring it in the form of sachet, gel, or mist (as long as it suits the cabin rules).
  • Seat-belt
    “Don’t wake me to land, JUST LAND!” Homer Simpson once screamed it in an airplane during an episode. If you hate sudden wakeups, wear your seat-belts in front of your blanket.
  • Music
    If you’re comfortable with it, prepare a list of relaxing music instrument in your gadget (looping for one hour is fine). At least you won’t be disturbed by child’s screaming or other airplane hullaballoo.


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