Behind Water Signs’ Stressful Minds – Are You One of Them?

Water signs, lemme hear your voice! Let’s talk about your stress source and how to resolve it.

  1. Cancer ( June 21 – July 22)
Sometimes, you find it hard to balance your emotion. Even a bit of stress will cause Cancerians to be highly sensitive and emotionally unbalanced. You mind problem to small details and when it seems to hit a dead end, you can’t stop thinking about it until it is solve.
Increase your metabolism by exercise and avoid consuming too much water. Give yourself real talk to avoid emotional instability, share your problem with loved ones; they might have a clue (or two) to help you. Time alone will also help you to detox from what people out there are saying.
  1. Scorpio ( Oct 23 –Nov 21)
Since you like to keep your feelings hidden, sometimes it mounts up and causes emotional and physical imbalance. Scorpians might known to be well-preserved and cool, but deep down there might be something serious. You have a tendency to become a little obsessive and things that got into you will be hard to get out.  Your tendency to catastophizing things will blow you out of proportion.
Go pamper yourself! Get a full day spa, massage, facial or maybe just a nice creambath. You need to stay hydrated, maybe by eating fruits such as grapes and melon. Avoid emotional eating. Channel your anger and stress into something more passionate.
  1. Pisces ( February 19 – March 20 )
You are extremely empathetic and tend to care too much about other’s problem – a habit that will eat you out. Pisceans are very connected to their and others’ feeling, it is easy for them to sense something is not right in the room. For that matter they will instantly get affected by other people’s emotions.
Finding an emotional outlet is key. You can start by communicating with others on daily basis. Do hobbies that lead your expressive, artsy side out. When out and about, you might plug in your earphone once in a while to read a good book to block you from other’s negativity. Try some foot massage.
Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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