The Best April Fool’s Day Jokes of 2018: PornHub, Burger King & More

April Fools’ Day fell on Sunday, and as always, brands and celebrities were eager for the opportunity to pull the wool over our eyes, or at least try to.

PornHub, Burger King and KITKAT were just some of the big names to try and dupe their social media followings. Some were hilarious, some were shocking, and some were just downright unrealistic.

Below, we’ve rounded up the year’s best #fakenews. Let us know your favorites, and any others we’ve missed in the comments below.


PornHub Introduces HornHub

This year, PornHub announced its HornHub channel, including original content for you to polish your horn to. Even the infamous Asa Akira got in on the gag with a foot fetish video where she reviews the biggest shoehorn you’ve ever seen.

Brewolingo, by Duolingo

Language app Duolingo serves up some cold ones with Brewolingo. The new beer is billed as “Craft beers from America’s Owliest Brewery to help you get fluent in any language. Containing a special blend of Owlcohol and Owlgorithms™.” Duolingo is even offering six packs for $12.00.

Jäger Balm from Jägermeister

Jäger Balm is a new muscle pain relief ointment from the makers of Jägermeister. Got a bad case of bartender’s elbow? And for a limited time, five jars of this sweet, bitter, fruity, spicy and herby ointment could be yours for only $9.99, so act fast.

Burger King Debuts the Chocolate Whopper

It’s Easter, so of course Burger King came correct with the all-new chocolate Whopper. The decadent burger includes a chocolate cake bun, a “flame-grilled chocolate patty,” raspberry syrup instead of ketchup, white chocolate rings in place of onions, candied blood oranges in favor of tomatoes, milk chocolate “leaves” of lettuce and vanilla frosting “mayo.”

Lexus Genetic Select Cars

The new Genetic Select program from Lexus claims to use your DNA in order to tailor make your new car, including a genetically personalized new car smell and a windsheild that matches your glasses prescription. Kind of freaky, if you ask us.

Google Hummus API

Working with the industry’s leading hummus experts, Google introduces Google Cloud Hummus API. The new program matches your taste preference by using a quick and easy lick test, to guide the user to the perfect hummus. Even the mayor of Tel Aviv is on board, noting “It was natural for us to integrate Hummus API into our city.”


The genius soapologists over at KITKAT have updated their classic chocolate formula, with soap! Available in three formats; bites, four finger, and chunky, KITKAT Soap might be the tastiest clean of your life.

T-Mobile Sidekick Smartshoephone

The Sidekick mobile phone returns for 2018, featuring an updated design. The new Sidekick is a wearable (on your feet) device, touted by T-Mobile as “fully tricked out for speed on the fastest LTE network ever and optimized for unlimited data with T-Mobile ONE.”

Source: Highsnobiety

Photos courtesy of Tiger Droppings, Highsnobiety, Guest of a Guest, AutoGuide, Footwearnews

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