Let’s Recap Tech Companies’ Best April Mop Prank

So we’ve survived the April Mop week relatively intact and sane, right? Let’s look back at the wacky week and check out all the best pranks by world’s tech companies


Snake Game on Google Maps
90s kids can relate – so the  Google Maps apps suddenly changed into this retro game modified with some transportation feature. Kinda funny surprise for the users. Missing the prank? It’s still available for a week, click Google Maps Snake.

(Foto: Screenshot/Cnet)
Google Tulip
Google Netherland has their own April Mop program, aptly named  Google Tulip. It is introduced as the means of communicating with…. Tulip flowers. It is said that Google’s AI abilities is now able to translate floral language to human languages.
SodaStreamMe Astronot Recruitment
NASA’s Retired Staff Scott Kelly cooperated with SodaStream to introduce the SodaStreamMe prank, with the funny video showing astronaut on space that’s hard to swallow their CO2.
T-Mobile Phone BoothE
John Legere from T-Mobile started  April Mop early by opening Phone BoothE since the weekend before. The pink booth is said to be soundproof and you can do personal convo in the midst of the concrete jungle here.
Duolingo Push
Duolingo made a Push program on April Mop, which turns out, of course, to be a prank. Presenting as the annoying personal assitant for users, the owl mascot will follow people and list out their annoyance based on their preference.


Source: iNews

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