Best Burger in Town, Lawless Burgerbar, Has Opened in Menteng

Lodged in the area of offices at Menteng, Lawless Burgerbar has now opened in a new location to fulfil nocturnal cravings with smashing burgers and cocktails.

We all know that we can agree that burgers and beers would never go wrong. Lawless Burgerbar is the perfect place for workers to have break time with also the rock and metal vibe the restaurant gives. The place that’s famous to be the best burgerbar in town, has opened a new restaurant around Menteng, which is known to house business every day.

Not only burgers, Lawless Burgerbar also serves food consisting of sandwiches and several kinds of snacks with the best quality and good value for money. The burgers prices start from IDR 45,000, snacks start from IDR 23,000, and drinks start from IDR 12,000. The portion that they offer is also no joke. With an affordable price, you will get a burger that will flood your whole mouth. Even their biggest menu that they named “The Lemmy” is a big handful of happiness with double juicy patty, cheese, onion rings, pickle, beef bacon and brisket plus sunny side up.
Lawless is known to give unique names to each of their menu which are inspired by various bands and lyrics of most favorite rock and metal songs, which makes them pretty memorable for comers to remember them, especially the burgers. The classic cheese burger is named as “Sabbath Burger”, “The Lemmy”, their best burger, “Motley Burg”, the burger with mixture of beef patty, beef bacon, lettuce, and tomato that will kickstart your heart, “Philly Anselmo”, which is a philly cheese steak sandwich with cajun spice, sautéed onion, and mushrooms, “Dog Nasty”, and also grilled portobello mushroom, caramelised onion, lettuce, tomato, and chimichurri dressing in a burger that is called “Joey Bellodona”. Everything was nicely executed, meaty, juicy, full of flavour, very meaty and bold but in a good way.
Pair all of these burgers and sandwiches with their specially crafted cocktail, or if you please, milkshakes and smoothies. Needless to say, milkshake and smoothies are first and foremost, and you can rely on Lawless Burgerbar to deliver. They also named their signature milkshake and smoothie menus with quirky names such as “Mr. Brownstone”, “Shortest Straw”, “Brulee Assault”, “Practice What You Peach”, and “Banana Brigade”. As what the name suggests, “Brulee Assault” is Lawless most favorite milkshake with vanilla ice cream, creme brulee syrup, and corn flakes sprinkled on top. “Banana Brigade” is also a nod to your burgers and snacks, the smoothie with fresh bananas, vanilla ice cream and crushed oreo inside will remove all the salty taste that’s left behind on your tongue.

Overall, Lawless Burgerbar left a very good impression, it can be easily said that they take a serious care in making tasty burger, will make people definitely come back for more. Located at H. Agus Salim Street, No. 60 at Menteng, make sure to have a try because their burgers are so good it should be illegal.
Writer: Dela Naufalia Fitriani
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Photographer: Vicky Melly

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