The Best Natural Beauty Products for Earth Day, According to 5 Fashion Insiders

With Earth Day upon us, there’s no better time to celebrate the very best that Mother Nature has to offer—be it with a bursting bouquet of hand-plucked wildflowers, a botanical-dyed dress from Marfa, or simply clean cosmetics.


Paloma Jonas, Valentine NYC Cofounder
I can’t get enough of the delicious Kosas lipstick. It comes in a beautiful color palette and is super moisture-heavy. Rosewater is my current favorite and it lives on my lips. Valentine NYC’s Oil scent is a delicate and inviting smell that’s made 100 percent of natural oils. A little sandalwood, a sprinkle of tuberose, and the essence of hibiscus floating in every bottle. I love that it smells slightly different on everyone’s skin so you feel like the only person wearing it even if the person next to you has it on. Aesop’s Rejuvenate Intensive Body Balm is so deeply moisturizing yet doesn’t leave me feeling greasy. My skin gets super dry so keeping this tube in my bag has been a godsend.
Photos: Courtesy of Paloma Jonas / @paloma; Kosas; Valentine NY

Neada Jane Deters, Founder of The Fold Creative
Making the transition to natural products transformed my skin. I even blend my own organic face oil, which is something I never thought I would be doing a couple of years ago! I also love Ilia because their products last without feeling heavy. Before I leave the house, I’ll apply their Sheer Vivid SPF 20 and Limitless Mascara after bringing out the eyelash curler. Throughout the day, I use Saje Stress Release Oil—I hope it’s helping stave off wrinkles (and high blood pressure)! I’ve been through too many bottles to count. But the best natural beauty secret is constant hydration. I habitually drink purified water wherever I go.
Photos: Courtesy of Neada Jane / @neadajane; Saje; Ilia Beauty

Laura May, Founder and Creative Director of Nagnata
I’m currently using the Skin Food Serum by a boutique Australian brand, Passionate Skin Care. It’s made from hemp, jojoba, rose hip, and manuka oil. RMS Beauty’s Luminizer, “Un” Cover-Up, and lip and eye stains blend in really nicely over a pure oil base on the skin too and I can apply easily with my fingers. (I don’t use any brushes.) For scent I adore the Australian brand Ayu. They make perfumes based on organic oils and traditional Ayurvedic herbs. I wear Souq every day. It’s an intoxicating floral scent with notes of rose, jasmine, musk, and sandalwood, which I find really calming and grounding. They’re releasing a new facial mist made from distilled pure essential oils, which I’ve had the pleasure of testing before it hit the market. I use this as a toner and it’s great before or after a yoga practice. I’ve been carrying it everywhere with me in my bag.
Photos: Courtesy of Laura May / @lauramay_; Ayu; Passionate Skin Care

Jessica Mau, Model
I absolutely love Living Libations’ Sea Buckthorn Best Skin Ever and Ojai Dirt Candy’s CBD Face Moisturizer. Both have super clean and simple ingredients made from pure plant botanicals and are jam-packed with omegas and vitamins. They leave my skin feeling dewy and nourished.
Photos: Courtesy of Jessica Mau / @jmaumau; Living Libation

Lucia Zolea, Vintage Curator
I use the Sandalwood Hydrosol from Wildcare and the Butter Elixir Supreme Crème, which is my favorite hand cream. A long time favorite for all over care is Everyday Oil, which has a wonderful scent and is very nourishing.
Photos: Courtesy of Lucia Zolea / @luciazolea; Butter; Everyday Oil

Source: Vogue

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