Best Prospect Valentine According to Zodiac

January passed us by just like that and February is for those who are in love or maybe looking for one as Valentine’s day is obviously approaching in 2 weeks.

Since Venus – the romance planet are moving into Aries, you might feel the influence of fire sign Aries with it’s impatience and maximizing our own pleasure rather than our partner’s.
For you who are single and ready to mingle don’t forget to get out there or maybe get those dating app buzzing cause some of you might be busy handling opposite sex that day. Here are some zodiac who might have the best of V-day,
Since the Venus is fallen on your sign, you will feel extra social butterfly. Perfect for you who are looking for Mr. and Mrs. Right. Participating in group activity, we are sure someone hidden there are your potential partner! While for couples group date can be fun, valentine is not always just about two love birds isn’t it?
You are in the mood for long term relationship and it’s great! You start to think about partnerships, marriage and maybe parenthood. It’s okay, don’t be afraid to step into it and express your feeling. As long as it’s for the best, you have to believe it shall turn out good.
It’s a perfect time to spice up the intimacy! Plan a romantic getaway or maybe small staycation for just the two of you. Get some quality time while you can because both of you need some dose of intimacy together. For single Scorpios worry not, mingle, party is your way to find fun and maybe significant other. Enjoy life to the fullest!
Despite all the drama you will still experience a fun and chill Valentine’s. Use this time to bond with your significant other or for the single people a clear head to look into prospects. Go out and have some fun, chill and don’t worry too much.
Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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