The Best Royal Wedding Beauty of All Time, in Honor of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Upcoming Nuptials

Since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their engagement last fall, speculation has swirled around what the actress’s springtime wedding look will be when the couple ties the knot at Buckingham Palace next month. Fortunately for Markle, there exists an archival menu of royal bridal beauty quite literally fit for a queen—or a princess, or a duchess, as the case may be.

A quick look back sees a pervasive penchant for delicate headwear—the royals do love a crown, after all—and an overall wash of classic glamour that renders each moment timeless, if not easily adaptable. When Wallis Simpson wed the Duke of Windsor in 1937, the then-socialite reached for a hat adorned with a halo of feathers and tulle, all the better to augment her less-than-traditional robin’s-egg blue dress. Queen Elizabeth II’s diamond fringe tiara supposedly broke right before the 1947 ceremony, mended just in time to top a carefully curled brunette coif and a smattering of pearls. A few years later, Princess Soraya of Iran opted to ditch the veil entirely, her tiara tucked into a raven chop, keeping the focus on her power brow and exposed porcelain shoulders. And while Grace Kelly’s gothically romantic Juliet cap—three points of lace edging over polished, glossy blonde—and Caroline, Princess of Hanover’s Leia-like spray of white floral both served to elevate would-be simple updos, Princess Diana and Kate Middleton each made a case for the strategically veiled tiara and lengths left loose. Here, a selection of magnificent above-the-neck beauty designed to inspire the next in line.


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