Best Spots to Shark-Swim Yourself in Indonesia

Shark-swimming, or swimming with a bunch of the oceanic mammals, seems to be the latest Insta-envy after the aurora borealis pics. Do you know that here in Indonesia, we have several spots to do it in style?

Karimun Jawa
If you see them as the predator that will gobble you up in seconds – you watched too many Jaws, dear. Get up close and personal with the misunderstood species at  Menjangan Besar, Karimun Jawa. Here you can visit a shark conservation, you will be guided by the professional staff to swim and take pictures with them.
The tiny island provides you with magnificent experience of swimming with the ocean’s most exotic creatures: from jelly fish to shark whale! They may be gigantic, but actually the shark whales are gentle creatures who like to play with divers, as long as they don’t feel threatened.
The booming spot of Borneo, the Talisayan coastal area entices visitors from around the globe as they gives the unforgettable interaction with shark whale. They’re used to resides the area since fishermen use to dispose lots of fish that are too tiny to be sold in the market there. Swim in the morning and you can greet this mammal on the 5-meter depth.
Taman Nasional Teluk Cenderawasih
Leave it to Eastern Indonesia’s Papua to give you best, exotic swimming spot. The people here used to do whale hunting regularly, but after government intervention, they’re now becoming a conversing society who live from the tourists who come to dive or snorkle there. Make sure you come between May to October to greet the prehistoric creature.
Pantai Botubarani
A school of shark whale is known to be residing this area during Nike Fish’s peak season – they’re the swarming little fish that’s a favorite meal for them. Divers, just drop by around June to guarantee an interaction with those magnificent mammals.
Source: Mister Aladin

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