Beware – These Smartphones Apps are Draining Your Internet Quota!

Check out – your most helpful daily apps could be the reason behing your whooping phone bills!



The autoplay feature of the apps is said to be the culprit behind Facebook’s notorious reputation as quota-draining application. If you’re not into it, just go to Setting to turn off the autoplay feature (check its Content Setting).

Who doesn’t know Youtube? Yeps, it’s our daily soruce of visual fun, but when the going gets tough, you can adjust the video quality and remember to use wifi connection when downloading a video.
As a picture-based social media application, it goes without saying that Instagram is a quite huge internet quote eater. Bad news for y’all social butterfly! To help with it a little, you can deactivate its automatic video player.
With approximately 3 MB per song, it’s no wonder that music lovers may face an excruciating internet bills by the end of the month. How to beat it? Register for Spotify’s premium package to listen to sings offline.
Again, another social media application that’s guilty. Still with the same reason, Twitter is a quota-draining apps due to its video autoplay feature.
Source: Okezone 

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